The Noahs Ark Centre - Future plans

The aim now is to renovate the remaining parts of the building as we recieve funding. We have still to complete some downstairs toilets, laundrette space and an extra room. Then we will look to complete renovation of the upstairs... noahs-new-floor-plan

Our prayer is that within a few years this facility will be open nearly 14 hours a day, serving the needs of our community in a huge variety of ways.




What will be in there?

Here is an update on initatives we are starting in Febuary 2012


We are currently making plans to have the following initiatives up and running soon -

  • Emergency food bank - where those who need it can come as a last resort.
  • Community laundrette - there is no laundrette in the community.
  • Pregnancy crisis centre - to help offer care and options for those in need.
  • Recovery workshops - for those who are struggling with addiction of various kinds.
  • Furniture exchange - to facilitate swapping and sourcing furniture.
  • Jobs training facility - we are looking at who we could partner with to provide this service for those looking for jobs.
  • And more to come