The Noahs Ark Centre - Why we bought it?

For the Glory of God

At Speke Baptist Church our hope when facing both the present and the future is the message of God's grace to us through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. For all those who turn to Him He freely offers forgiveness for our past, His transforming grace in our lives for now, and the promise of a glorious eternity with Him for our future.

We want all people who live, and work, in Speke to have a chance to respond to this glorious message. We have got the privilege of being messengers for our glorious God to our community.

  • The Noahs Ark will be a visable reminder to the people of Speke that our God is gracious, and is for our community.
  • The Noahs Ark centre will create new ways to lovingly, and creatively, help people engage with the Christian Gospel message.



The Good of the Community

Speke is a big place, with a big heart for people. Yet, it is also a needy community. The Noahs Ark Centre will provide much needed community space for local people and locally run activities that will build and nurture good will in the local area.