The Noahs Ark Centre - Who has helped make this possible?

How does a church in one of the most deprived estates in the country find the money and partners to do this?

Step 1 - Pray.

At every stage we have commited our needs to the Lord, and He has far exceeded our expectations. We go forward in total dependancy upon His grace to lead us, and provide for the project. He has not disappointed.

Step 2 - the Lord has used means.

The Lord's riches and grace have come to us, in the first instance, through faithful gospel partners at trusts, local churches, and generous individuals.

Trusts and organisations who have partnered with us include:

  • The Eileen McCammon Trust                                        
  • The James Trust
  • The Timpany Charitable Trust
  • Sola Trust
  • Gospel Partners Trust
  • All Churches Trust
  • New Word Alive
  • The Skelton Bounty
  • PH Holt
  • Beatrice Laing Trust
  • Fulwood Trust Fund
  • Garfield Weston
  • Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
  • Wilkinson Hardware Stores Ltd.,
  • Morgan Foundation
  • Kids Around the World (playground)
  • Trust House
  • The Tillotson Bradbery Charitable Trust (Merseyside)
  • Hemby
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • Biffa
  • Veolia

Local churches who have generously partnered with us include:

  • Aigburth Community Church
  • St.Andrews Leyland
  • Bankhall Mission Church
  • Belividere Road Church
  • Bethel Church
  • Bridge Chapel
  • Christchurch Liverpool
  • Ramilies Road Church


Plus countless individuals who have send gifts that range from £5 to £1000s.


Step 3 - Trusts and charities with an interest in community Development.